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Our School


Welcome to our School Website. We hope it gives you a flavour of what happens here. The School has a warm and

welcoming atmosphere which gives parents confidence that all of their childs' needs are being met. This is essential as many

pupils travel long distances and unlike mainstream schools , many parents don't have daily access to staff.

We have a very dedicated staff and while material resources are important, at the end of the day, it is the staff who make the difference.

Our pupils enjoy all aspects of school life. where they are enabled to grow in confidence. Their resilience and ability to overcome obstacles,

despite their disabilities is an inspiration to us all.

We pride ourselves on being a very inclusive school where personal achievements, no matter how small, are celebrated.  


We have a high profile in Listowel Town and owe a huge thanks to the local community and beyond.

We are a fun - loving, hard working and ever growing Nano Nagle Family.

                                                                                                                  Gabrielle Browne - Principal.


Nano Nagle School is located in the beautiful town of Listowel.

The school caters for pupils aged between 4 and 18 years who have been assessed to have a moderate, severe or profound general learning disability.


Within these categories Nano Nagle School caters for:

  • Pupils on the Autism Spectrum (ASD)

  • Pupils with Sensory Impairments

  • Pupils with Physical Disabilities

  • Pupils with significant medical care needs



Our School structure: School Trustees- Presentation Sisters.

                                        School Patron- Bishop Ray Browne.

The Current Board of Management of Nano Nagle School

  • Chairperson: Tony Behan

  • Patrons Nominee: Sr. Consolata Bracken

  • Community Nominees: Derry Reen and Frank Greaney

  • Parents` Nominees: Michael Harnett and Norma Dowling

  • Teachers` Nominee: Karen Erswell                                                        Principal-Gabrielle Browne

  • Principal: Gabrielle Browne.                                                              Deputy Principal- Suzanne Groarke


Nano Nagle School is staffed with 14 class teachers, 30 special needs assistants, a part-time Home Economics teacher and 14 bus escorts. The school benefits from the services of a full time secretary, part-time caretaker and 2 part-time cleaning staff.







At present there are 12 class groupings:

  • 3 classes for pupils with severe/profound general learning disabilities

  • 5 classes for pupils on the Autism spectrum (ASD)

  • 5 classes for children with multiple disabilities.





At present there are 8 buses and 14 bus escorts traveling to school 

each day . Our drivers and escorts are outstanding, each bus becomes a little family!

This is the first contact our parents have so a special bond is formed beween families,

drivers and escorts.



Our Catchment area.









Our Staff are continually striving to provide the best education for all the pupils at Nano Nagle School, so therefore are always willing to upskill by undertaking the most up to date professional development courses. Many of the courses are undertaken by individuals based on the specific class needs during that academic year.


Every year we complete Whole Staff Training in;

MAPA: Management of Actual or Potential Aggression. 
With this training, we enable staff to safely disengage from situations that present risks to themselves, the pupils, or others.

Training in the administration of buccal midazolam: buccal midazolam is administered for the control of prolonged or continuous seizures. Given promptly, this relatively simple procedure can prevent major disruption to daily life resulting from hospital emergency treatment. It is important  our staff are competent and confident in the safe administration of this treatment. This was kindly provided by HSS Health and Safety Services Training and Consultancy Ltd, funded by B.O.M.

Defibulator Training - Some staff have been trained in using the difibulator which is located outside the Principals Office- we will continue to have on-going refresher training.




Other courses completed by staff this year included;

  • Understanding Autism 

  • An Introduction to Autistic Spectrum Disorders 

  • 2-Day TEACCH® Autism Programme 

  • Lámh (Sign Communication System) 

  • Sensory Processing and Motor Skill Development for the Student with  ASD 

  • PEP-3 (Assessment Kit) 

  • Individualised Planning for Students with ASD

  • Social Skills (Primary) 

  • Social Skills (Post-primary) 

  • Language and Communication for Students with ASD: A 2-Day Course 

  • An Introduction to DIR® Floortime 

  • Intensive Interaction 

  • Contemporary Applied Behaviour Analysis (C-ABA) 5-Day Course 

  • 5-Day TEACCH® Autism Programme 

  • PECS

  • Puberty relationship and Sexuality Education for students with Autism

  • Deafness an Introduction

These Courses were provided by the SESS – Special Education Support Services.

The following courses were provided by PDST – Professional Development Services for Teachers:

  • Child Protection

  • Droichead National Induction Programme For Teachers

  • Misneach Leadership for new Principals.

  • Junior Cycle L2 training.

  • Primary Language Curriculum training.


                   We like to support our Staff by running Self-care Workshops during the year.













Other Professional Services Available:

Provided by the KIDS Team in North Kerry and West Limerick Disability Services

  • Social Worker

  • Physiotherapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Speech and Language Therapy

  • Psychological Service

Provided by CAMHS

  • Psychiatrist

Provided by St. John of the Gods Services

  • Respite Care Services in Abhaile / St Josephs Limerick

 We are very proud of our First Communion and Confirmation Ceremonies, held in the beautiful church of Listowel Community Hospital, where Sr Margaret looks after us so well.














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