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Working towards inclusion…….


Since Nano Nagle transferred to Listowel the school has developed a policy of inclusion. The school has close links with the Convent Primary Girls School, every class in Nano Nagle School has contact with the Primary School. Girls in the primary school from 3rd class up to 6th class integrate with Nano Nagle on a weekly basis. This offers a great opportunity for those involved to get to know each other. This integration takes place thanks to the kind co-operation of the primary school staff.


We also work with the Presentation Secondary School, St. Michael’s College and Listowel Community College. Students from these schools ( particulary Transition Yr ) come on a weekly basis to work with our students on social skills programmes and physical activities. We also have links with a number of third level colleges including the IT Tralee and the IT Limerick. Social Care, Health & Leisure and Youth & Community students undergo their 3 month work placements with us. This is a valuable experience for everyone.


Some pupils have excelled in certain subjects and completed their Junior Certificate in conjunction with either St. Michael’s College or Listowel Community College.




For the past 3 months we have worked with the Nano Nagle Staff Students and volunteers. The time we have spent here has been one of the best experiences of our lives. The people working here and each child are truely incredible and have made everyday thoroughly enjoyable.

Our job from day to day was to incorporate more physical activity for the students through fine and gross motor skills, team sports and fundamental movement skills. The experience and skills we have developed here are unimaginable ad has helped us immensely in excelling further in our careers.

We have always worked off the saying " what you put into it, you get out of it " and thats exactly what we have done here. Nano Nagle has provided us with such a warm and friendly environment to work in and we would highly recommendit to anyone interested in carrying out their work exerience here. Getting to know the extraordinary people here has been a pleasure and make the place just like home but also makes it so hard to leave.

                                                                                              Karen & Jen

                                                                                              I.T. Tralee .




Coming to Nano Nagle is always something to look forward to every Tuesday. We love to interact with the pupils and we enjoy playing games with them, like connect 4 and bowling.

When we first arrived here we were very kindly given a tour of the school. We were really shocked at how bright and spacious it was and how it catered for the needs of each and every student.

We are always met with a smile by the staff and students when we walk through the doors. We find the whole experience heart warming and very rewarding. We have made great friends with many of the students and we really look forward to meeting them every week.


Róisín, Marie and Róisín

Pres Listowel, TY Class 2016



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