Facilities within the school


Assembly Room

This spacious room is used in the morning for school assembly where our pupils meet to start the day with prayers, Lamh practice, birthday wishes and much more, depending on which season we are in. This room provides an ideal setting for Staff Workshops, School Occasions and Pupil Workshops. 

We use this facility for integration classes with our neighbouring schools, often a hive of activity, from dancing,yoga classes, playing pool and board games.


Sensory Integration Room 

This comfortable and peaceful room creates a safe space to provide individual therapy to pupils. The serenity of this room creates a space like no other. It is calm and soothing with soft lighting to add to the tranquillity. While here pupils can experience proprioceptive input, deep pressure, strength and coordination work.


Multi-sensory Room- This is a soothing space that stimulates the 5 senses of vision, hearing, touch, taste and smell. It allows the pupil to relax in a purposeful environment. It gives choice and control to the pupil for facilitating independence. 

Benefits of the multi-sensory room are :

  • More self aware.

  • Control their environment.

  • Improve communication.

  • Choice making.

  • Reduce challenging behavior.

  • Increases attention span.


Home Economics Room 

This room is fully equipped with all the resources needed for Home Economics. This subject is delivered to our senior pupils in Nano Nagle School. Our pupils also practise daily living skills along with craft work.



Prayer Room

This room has a pleasant meditative feel to it, with numerous resources for both staff and pupils to use. It is an ideal place to visit in a busy lively school. We are honoured to have the Blessed Sacrament, passed on to us when the Presentation Sisters Church closed.




PE Hall

This is a facility we share with our adjoining Presentation Girls School. Each class use it for P.E. on a weekly basis,we also use the hall for larger school occasions.



Sensory Garden

Our sensory garden provides a tranquil space for all pupils to chill out and enjoy the different aspects of the sensory garden. It also provides raised beds for our junior and senior special classes to avail of gardening on a tactile level. This is a wonderful space in the summertime.


Aistear Playroom

Tactile Sensory Wall


Outdoor Playground

This contains full playground facilities. It is a safe and secure facility for pupils to enjoy free play. This space is timetabled so each class has equal time during the week to enjoy the playground facilities.



Here pupils grow their own vegetables or plants in a productive way so they can learn the aspect of growing and change. It has running water and is kept clean by the pupils themselves, giving them a sense of pride of place.