ASD 1 - Teacher Shane O Connell

There is currently 3 children in the Junior ASD Class.

The children range in age from 6 - 11 years.

Everyday is filled with activities such as Waterplay, Tac- pac, Hand function and trips " to the playground".

Deskwork and circletime are an imporant part of the day too. We go swimming to Ballybunion every Thursday.

Every Morning we start our day in the Multi - Sensory Room and we finish each day in the Sensory Integration Room. 

                                                                                               Shane O Connell.


ASD 2 - Teacher Leanne Shine

Welcome to the Junior ASD classroom. In this room we cater for 6 energetic and fun loving children who are aged between 5 and 8 years old.

In the Junior ASD classroom we cater for each student's individual needs through the use of a sensory approach to the curriculum. Each month sees the introduction of a new theme which we base our group and circle time activities around.

Each day is busy and fun filled in the Junior ASD classroom and we enjoy working as a group to complete our PE, Art, Music and cooking lessons.

We also provide our students with individualized desk work sessions in order to cater for their unique educational needs.

We work extremely hard to foster a sense of independence in the children in our classroom and a lot of emphasis  is placed on functional living skills such as feeding and drinking programmes, personal hygiene skills, dressing skills and toileting skills.

As we are a non - verbal class we use lámh , PECS and visual aids to communicate within our classroom.

We like to keep active through our PE Lessons, trips to the playground, nature walks and motor skills groups. Although we are a busy class we also like to enjoy some well earned down time together in the form of relaxation time, Tac Pac and visits to the Multi - Sensory Room.

Each Day in the Junior ASD classroom sees a healthy combination of fun, Laughter and hard work !.


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ASD 4 - Teacher Flor McAuliffe

We are ASD4. We have 6 pupils in our class all boys. We have a very active group who love to get out and about for walks and plenty exercise. Each child has their own individual schedule which helps show them exactly what is planned for the day.


We are very lucky to have a team of SNAs in our class who give great support to our students on a daily basis. They help our pupils through a range of activities from table top work, occupational therapy programs to assisting them while out and about in the community.


Developing social skills is hugely important in our class and we like our pupils to integrate with other classes as often as possible. Whenever we can we like to take our pupils for walks to town where they can meet the people of Listowel and further develop their communication skills.


Flor McAuliffe

ASD 5 - Teacher Dan O Connor

Asd 4 consists of 5 students all of whom are male. The class is in the senior section of the school with students ranging in ages from 15 - 19. We have a wide variety of characters in our class. Every day is different and the students are kept busy engaging in a wide range of activities in school and the local community. We cover all subject areas in a variety of ways and especially like working together socially in group lessons. We have different levels academically but we learn together and from one another.


As a class we are all well known in the local community and beyond as we are often seen out and about. 

Every day we try to do something intertesting and fun. Students from our class enjoy many activities outside of the school environment. We attend plays, go swimming, go to the library , play soccer, participate in cookery classes and are regularly seen in local shops and restaurants.


                                                                                             Dan O Connor.

Reception Class - Teacher Bernadette Morkan

In reception class we introduce children to school life in Nano Nagle. We focus on facilitating the learning of individual children by building intervention into play and typical daily activities. We provide opportunties for cognitive, emotional and social development. Communication is developed using Lámh , Picture Exchange Communication System , programmes to extend receptive and expressive language. We use our multi - sensory and sensory integration rooms to facilitate sensory feedback and self regulation. We love to integrate with other classes, developing self concept and social skills . We love lots of music and movement. We enjoy a busy day enriched with variety tailored to childrens needs .


                                                                                                Bernadette Morkan

Juniors - Teacher Jacqueline Halpin

Hello, we are the lovely Junior class in Nano Nagle School. In our class we have three boys, Ronán, Benjamin and Tomás and two girls Erin and Oliwia. Our teacher is called Jacqueline and our wonderful SNA's are Tina and Tess. Every day in junior class is very busy! We start our day with Desk work which incorporates speech and language, literacy and numeracy. We all have our individual education programmes to work from which helps us to develop a range of skills. After our small break we have circle time which allows us to express our musical skills using a variety of songs and instruments and also using our LÁMH communication programme which is practiced throughout the school. We have story and rhyme time and use story boards through PECS, objects of reference and sounds to help us bring our stories to life, this is our favourite part of the day! We engage in exercise each day using "Work-Out with the Sticky Kids" and also explore body awareness through holistic music. In the afternoon we play in our school playground, then attend Gross Motor Skills set up by teacher Karen which we really enjoy and finish our day with DIR Floor Time which is based on fun and playing together. We also attend Sensory Integration and relax in the Multi-Sensory room at different times in our busy week. To finish our week we engage in games, OT body movements to music and Yoga on a Friday. 

Middle 2 - Teacher Mary Mitchell

Middle 2 class has  6 Boys and 2 Girls this year, in the age bracket of 13 to 16 years. 

They are a lively, active and vocal class. We have lots of activities that we engage in from swimming to soccer and girly afternoon to visiting the youth Café. We have lots of fun and learn so much.



                                                                                         Mary Mitchell


Middle 3 - Teacher Karen Erswell

Welcome to Middle 2. We are a class that caters for four pupils with severe to profound learning difficulties and individual special needs. 

In middle 2 we follow a sensory and thematic approach to the curriculum. The pupils individual priority needs are catered for during deskwork and through out our days busy schedule. 

We pride in our relationship with other classes in the school, and so each morning  our class welcomes children from other classes. Here we follow a programme set out by our physiotherapist. It is a busy morning filled with laughter as each child completes the circuit, followed by OT Exercises set out by our occupational therapist .

Our day continues with purposeful activities catered to each child's individual needs, including feeding and drinking programmes, Independent living skills and cognitive targets set out by Psychologist. Speech therapy activities play a very important role in our day. As our class is a non verbal class Lámh and pecs allow us to communicate with the pupils.

The pupils in Middle 3 also avail of a sensory diet using the Sensory Integration and Multi - Sensory rooms through out the week. 

Wednesday afternoons our class transforms as all the girls in the school come to participate in " The Pink Ladies" girlie group. Dancing , disco, laughter, hair ,nails and make up, every girls dream . Equally the boys integrate with ASD 3 Class for football and motor activities. 

Friday mornings sees our class partake in a trip to town to a local cafe for our lunch followed by walk around Listowel often picking up small items in the supermarket to bring home. 

Pupils in Middle 3 also avail of Home Ec on a friday afteroon. 

We are a very busy , active yet very happy class who enjoy our daily routines.






Senior 1 - Teacher Kevin O Callaghan


There are 7 pupils in Senior 1 class. It is a moderate class, which caters for a wide variety of needs. All the pupils work both individually and as part of a group. Each pupil is progressing at their own individual level.


We invest a lot of time in and put a lot of emphasis on developing independent, social and hygiene skills, road safety, healthy eating and physical activity as well as covering all the academic subjects.


Every Friday morning we visit Lynch’s restaurant as a whole class social outing. This provides a great opportunity for the pupils to develop and enhance their social skills and Language and Communication skills through interacting with their peers and with school and restaurant staff members. It is also a great opportunity to develop and practice good hygiene skills, while eating, develop and practice independent skills by using fork and knife correctly, and ordering and paying for their own food. The pupils also get to put their maths skills from the classroom into practice while paying for their food. The pupils also practice good manners while ordering, eating and paying for their food.


Every morning after assembly, Senior 1 begins the day with a 10 minute walk (weather depending). This is a fantastic opportunity to integrate many parts of the Curriculum together in such a short space of time including physical outdoor activity, road safety, Geography, Social skills, Language and Communions and independent skills. This is a very enjoyable and energising activity. The fresh air and exercise helps enable the pupils to function more effectively and efficiently, and increase concentration as the school day progresses.


The pupils in Senior 1 also get the opportunity to go swimming on Mondays, cooking on Tuesdays, PE on Tuesdays integrated with other classes and soccer on Wednesday afternoons in the community centre. The pupils also enjoy playing basketball, go-carts and bikes, gardening, OT, yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Pupils also work individually on the computer. They work as part of a group on interactive whiteboard, construction boxes, board games, card games, bingo etc to further develop and enhance social skills, turn taking skills, and co-operative skills. The pupils work individually in pairs and as part of a group during their academic work and deskwork.


Senior 1 and ASD 5 won the Tidy Towns Garden Competition for having the best school garden for the 2018 Tidy Towns Competition.


We also encourage healthy eating as a class. Senior 1 made a fantastic effort when the Food Dudes came to the school. There is a lot of emphasis on continuing and maintaining healthy eating habits at school and at home throughout the entire year. Pupils in Senior 1 also get the opportunity to go horse riding once every 2 weeks to Liskennett Farm in Granagh Co. Limerick. They get to experience riding the horses around the outdoor sensory walk. If it is raining, the pupils get to ride the horses around inside the indoor area.


Senior 1 also takes charge of the annual Couch to 5K Challenge. The class integrates with all the other middle and senior classes throughout the school. The challenge caters for all levels. Depending on each pupil’s level one group completes 1K, a second group completes 3K and the final group completes the full 5K. We all walk at a pace that keeps everyone together as a team. We gradually increase the challenge from week to week over a 6 week period, twice a week.


The couch to 5K final is in week 6, which involves walking from the school to the town park, a full lap of the town park and the return walk back to school. There is a finish line when we arrive at school. Every pupil that took part gets a medal. After the medal presentation there is a party and a disco. The couch to 5K is a great opportunity for integration between classes.


Health and Leisure students from the IT in Tralee spend a 10 week block in the school and are very helpful throughout the 6 week challenge. There is a big emphasis on Road Safety at all times during the challenge. Every pupil and adult must wear a high vis jacket at all times. We also bring plenty of water, especially during the warm days to keep everybody hydrated. If the weather is warm we also insure pupils are wearing appropriate clothing and sunscreen applied.


Senior 1 has a very active and balanced timetable focusing a lot on independent skills, social skills, hygiene skills, physical activity, road safety, healthy eating, communication and language while also covering all the academic areas during deskwork.




We strive to teach as many general life skills as possible in order to enable each pupil to function as independently as possible as they become adults. There is also a strong emphasis on creating a very positive classroom atmosphere and a warm, friendly, supportive and welcoming learning and working environment.


                                                                                                        Kevin O Callaghan

Senior 2 - Teacher Miriam O' Brien.

Senior 2 consists of 6 students, 3 boys and 3 girls ranging in age from 16-19 years.


At the Senior end of the school, much emphasis is placed on the development of Social Skills, Independent Living Skills, Functional Maths and Literacy, Social, Personal and Health Education, Physical Activity and Home Economics.


From day to day, the students undertake an array of jobs, starting each morning by delivering lunches to each classroom. Later in the day, they do the Roll Books and attend to any jobs that need to be done around our very busy school.


They enjoy going to the swimming pool, local community centre for soccer and to the library, cinema and theatres. They have plenty of opportunity to develop their social, independence and shopping skills by going downtown and further afield, to shops and restaurants.


Each week they take a trip to the ‘Inspired’ group in Tralee, where they meet students from other schools and adults services, and have an enjoyable morning doing a variety of fun activities.


They also have opportunities to avail of work experience outside of school, in local businesses. This helps to further develop their Life Skills and really boosts their confidence.


We aim to nurture each student to become the best that they can be, and prepare them as they move on from us, into the wider world beyond.


We have a class full of lively, fun-loving and very entertaining teenagers, which ensures that there is never a dull moment here in Senior 2!


Miriam O’Brien

Senior 2

Class Teacher

Junior Special - Teacher Susan Walsh

Our Junior Special Class caters for children with severe to profound learning difficulties. We have five pupils ranging from 5 to 8 years old. In Junior Special we have 3 boys and 2 girls along with two wonderful SNAs in our class. Áine, the nurse comes to visit a lot too.


We use a thematic approach to our school week and integrate this across all curricular areas. In Junior Special we have a very busy classroom where our children learn through work and play. Individual Education Plans are designed for each pupil with input from the multi-disciplinary teams.


Routine in Junior Special consists of circle time, tabletop work, physiotherapy, OT Programmes, feeding and drinking programmes together with music, cookery, arts and crafts and relaxation. A music teacher visits our class on Mondays.


The children in our class take part in weekly sessions in the sensory integration and multi sensory rooms and also enjoy walks outside to visit the sensory garden. Our day is very busy and full of fun and giggles.


Susan Walsh

Special Senior - Teacher Suzanne Groarke

The Tulip Room is the Senior Special class. We cater for pupils with severe and profound needs. Our class is made up of five pupils and four SNAs, two of whom job-share. Our pupils range in age from nine to eighteen years. Our room is equipped to meet the needs of our pupils. We have a hoist system which is used for all positional changes throughout the day.We also have specific equipment for individual needs, such as walkers, classroom chairs, standing frames and physiotherapy floor mats. We have a bathroom with a changing table, hydrotherapy bath and hoist system. Our computer is activated by mouse, touch screen and switch device. We also use switches for cause and effect activities specific to individual programmes. We have big mac devices for language activities, along with an i pad other communication aids. We have a height-adjustable activity table that caters for individual and group work for art and sensory programmes. We work with a multi-disciplinary team to co-ordinate individual educational programmes for our students. The team consists of a physiotherapist, psychologist, speech therapist, occupational therapist and social worker. We meet to assess the strengths and needs of the pupils and agree on specific targets with parental involvement.Each pupil works on their individual programmes and we also partake in group work for all subject areas. We use a thematic approach and integrate this across all curricular areas. Music is an integral part of our programme. We have a happy sociable group and enjoy fun-filled days at school.  




                                                                                          Class Teacher -Suzanne Groarke.

Home Economics - Teacher Margaret Sweeney

Home Economics is available to middle / senior classes. It comprises of food ( cooking / lifeskills/ sewing. 

students learn about about eating healthy and make / taste booth sweet / savoury dishes. Students gain culinary skills by preparing ingredients, following recipes and use of equipment- eg. hand mixer . They eat the prepared food and socialise together.

Some students get the oppertunity to make a textile item using the sewing machine. Items made include cushions and draught excluders. Lifeskills like setting a table, making a bed and shopping for ingredients are also undertaken. It offers students a chance to develop their skills and confidence.


                                                                                           Margaret Sweeney

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